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Ezuz is a very special village comprised of 14 families. It is situated in the Negev, in the foothills of Mount Negev (the highest mountain in the Negev).

The architecture of the village is very unique, characterized by old buses, train carriages and other materials, which have been recycled into beautiful living facilities. Most of the houses are covered with local mud and mingle in with the environment.

The population of the village is a special combination of people from all over the world, with totally different backgrounds and ideas. This creates a special micro-cosmos in the middle of the desert. Many artists live here, doing many forms of ancient art such as forged metal work, mask making, pottery, sculpturing and painting. There is also homemade goat's cheese available. In the area is a world-class winery, a honey farm producing wonderful desert-flower honey and a professional shofar maker.

Just north of us, the biggest sand dune area in Israel begins. And just below the village there is a shady oasis, with tamarisk and palm trees surrounding the two ancient wells of Aaron and Moses. Wells like these most probably served the people of Israel while they sojourned here (Kadesh Barnea) for 19 years of the Exodus. These are also ancient wells on the path of Shur, the famous highway out of Egypt. This amazing area is of the richest in archeological evidence from all the periods of human life in the desert.

Due to our relatively high altitude in the foothills of Mount Negev, and our proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, the weather is very pleasant most of the year around. The average temperature is 26C, and even in the middle of summer, the desert nights are amazingly fresh and cool.

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